Jason Nickel

Jason Nickel Art

Jason Nickel Art

Once Upon a Time in the Universe, 2006, oil , wood and glass on MDF, 48 in. diameter

jason nickel art

The Space Between Inhabited Worlds, 2007,  oil, steel and glass on MDF panel, 36 in. diameter

Untitled, 2008, glass and oil on plywood, 36 in. diameter

Two views of Untitled, 2008, glass and plywood, 40 x 23 x 21 in.

Energy Plan for Metaphysical Man, 2006, glass and wood

Atlantis, 2006, glass and wood

Alchemist's Apocrypha, 2007, glass and wood, with string and painted plumb bob

Half-Remembered Dream , 2006,  oil, wood and glass on MDF panel, 24 in. diameter

Little Book  (two views), 2006,  wood and glass

Solar , 2006,  oil and glass on MDF panel

  Fire Codex, 2002-2006, painted glass and wood

21 Seconds of History (detail), 2006, oil, wood and glass on MDF, 22 in. diameter

Void Codex, 2002, gilded paper, painted glass and wood, 56 x 30 x 40 in.

  Altar to an Unknown God, 2006, oil and glass on MDF with wood

nickel art

LOGOS, 2002, painted and broken glass on wood shelf, dimensions variable


Jason Nickel